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Classes & Workshops

Mindful Yoga

Real yoga for real people. Enjoy yoga postures and flowing sequences, breathing techniques and guided relaxations.

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Movement & Meditation

Balance your energy with flowing Chi Gung movements and calm your mind and heart with simple but highly effective meditations.

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Make more time for yourself in one of our unique Mindful Workshops. Memorable days for all the right reasons.

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Online Memberships

Private Libraries of on demand Mindful Yoga and Movement & Meditation classes including video and audio recordings. New Weekly as well as Monthly Memberships!

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Online Packages

New Holiday and Themed Packages of unique on demand classes lasting 2-6 weeks. Book with a simple one off payment for instant access to all of the classes!

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Online Live Streams

Live Streams are fantastic at helping us still feel part of our special groups. Anyone who wishes may have a brief chat before and after the class.

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Face to Face Courses

Face to Face Socially Distanced Mindful Yoga courses on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday in LA6. Offering 75 minutes of refreshing and relaxing yoga each week for every body.

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Free Taster Classes

Receive instant access to exclusive Free Tasters of Mindful Yoga and Movement & Meditation

Free Tasters

1-2-1 Appointments & Private Groups

Private Yoga…

Private Yoga, Meditation, Mindfulness and Chi Gung are bespoke classes, tailored to your needs and wishes. Ideal for extra attention.

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Enjoy a blissful Face to Face or Online Shiatsu Treatment to ease a wide range of symptoms, boost your energy and/or simply relax.

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Learn how to truly look after yourself with simple but highly effective practices to prevent and treat dis-ease and boost your well being.

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Gain personalised recommendations for improving your health with your diet. Enjoy mindful cooking and eating!

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Why is Piries’ Soul Food good for you?

What people say

“I have recently begun Zoë’s online classes and am really enjoying them.
Instruction is clear and calm, simple to follow at whatever level suits you.
Zoë has an engaging manner so the courses do not feel as if they are remote, but you still have the flexibility to fit them in at a time that suits you. Brilliant!!”


“Thank you so much for an amazing Shiatsu massage today.
Not only was I pain free but also I’ve never felt so relaxed and energised!
Anyone wanting to experience a miracle,
I strongly suggest that you visit this lady!”

C. B.

“Zoë’s class is ‘Blissful’!
I really look forward each week to stretching tired limbs and relaxing my mind and body.
The pace is just right too, as Zoë manages to create the perfect balance between exercise and relaxation.
It’s a guilt free escape from the riggers of everyday life.”


“I can’t recommend Zoë’s Mindful Yoga Class highly enough.
It is energising whilst being relaxing and thoroughly enjoyable.
All ages and abilities are welcomed by Zoë who is a fantastic teacher.​
If you have never tried Yoga before, don’t hesitate. Book yourself a place. You won’t regret it.”


“All of Zoë’s classes are great, she is a super teacher. Her Movement & Meditation is unique as she perfectly combines meditation with a mindful practice.
You get to experience session of seated Meditation and sessions of Qi Gong Movement (like Tai Chi).
This I find to be a very good and most beneficial experience.”


“These are great online sessions.
I am so glad I discovered the class before lockdown.
Doing the class online has become an essential part of my week now and I am very happy to support someone who is trying to run a small business in these challenging times.”


“What a pleasure it was today. I really relate to your professional yet relaxed approach to teaching. I just love the subtlety of the poses/flow that offer a multitude of levels from seemingly simple motions. I started off my yoga just doing poses and was happy to achieve them any old way but, having watched, I see the beauty and grace in all aspects of a particular ‘move’. Under your tutelage, I feel enormous hope, thank you so, so much.”


“Love the weekly meditation classes.
Perfect for anybody whether new to meditation or just wanting to experiment and deepen their personal practice.
Lovely group of people and really appreciate Zoë’s teaching and guidance on meditation and mindful movement to support our practice. Fab for mental and physical wellbeing.”


“I was worried that I might be useless and look stupid doing yoga. I probably was and probably did!
However, Zoe made me understand that’s not what yoga is about at all.  Absolutely anyone could do what I do.
It’s all about your personal needs, pace and comfort.
I feel lucky to have such a friendly and caring yoga teacher.”

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