Online Packages

Our Online Packages contain both uplifting and calming classes to tease your mindful tastebuds with exercises and relaxation techniques focussing on carefully chosen topics. You can rent any of the packages that take your interest with an easy one-off payment in our Shop.

The Packages contain on demand video and audio recordings for you to follow whenever and wherever suits you for 6 months! Enjoy instant access to all of the classes in your package to work through at your own pace.

We have Holiday Packages to spread seasons’ greetings throughout the year and Themed Packages around important and interesting health related topics. Many Packages are included for FREE in the Online Memberships!

What to look forward to in our Online Packages

Here’s our first selection of Online Packages available to rent in the Shop
Also a sneak preview at the exciting Packages planned for the future

Online Packages

Autumn Harvest

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Mother Nature

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Self Care

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Mini Meditations

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Holiday Packages

These 4 unique Seasonal Packages offer you access to reviving and relaxing Mindful Yoga and blissful Movement & Meditation to help you regain and maintain your health and wellbeing as the seasons’ change:

  • Short Holiday Packages lasting 1-2 weeks to inspire and balance your energy:

    Spring Hope and Autumn Harvest


  • Longer Holiday Packages of 3-6 weeks to deepen and develop your practice:

    Summer Sunshine and Winter Wishes

Themed Packages

These special Packages offer you a unique mix of Mindful Yoga, Movements & Meditations, self-Shiatsubreathing and relaxation practices plus nutritional advice, depending on which package you have chosen. All the classes are carefully designed to offer help and support with many of the most popular and important themes affecting our wellbeing today:

  • Self Care
  • Mother Nature
  • Mini-Meditations 1
  • Back to Basics – Foundations of Yoga/Meditation
  • Clear Mind – Developing Mindfulness
  • Warm Heart – Cultivating Kindness & Compassion
  • Inner Joy – Practicing Gratitude
  • Back Health – Strengthening Spines
  • Brave & Free – Lifting Depression

  • Safe & Calm – Easing Anxiety
  • Wise Women – Balancing Hormones
  • Sweet Dreams – Improving Sleep

Who are our Online Packages for?

Everyone is welcome to rent an Online Package. Practices are taught at a range of levels so all abilities are catered for and you are encouraged to work at your own pace and follow your unique rhythm of breath.

You will be asked to complete a brief Health Questionnaire during the booking process, to help you confirm if mindful movement would benefit you. If you are an Online Member, you gain access to many of these Packages for free!

Benefits of Online Packages


Online Packages give you many of the benefits of our popular Online Classes for a simple one-off payment and without any long term commitment.

Follow the classes on any day and in any place; you can now even take them away with you to keep your practice moving!

So, enjoy boosting your flexibility in body, mind and heart with our new flexible packages! 😁


How about giving yourself some time to tune in to your needs and wishes to find the classes that will help you the most?

Simply choose to rent whichever Holiday or Themed Package suits you best. Perfect practice for self-care ❤️

If we haven’t made a Package you would like, just let us know and if enough people are interested, we’ll see what we can do!

Instant Access

It couldn’t be easier! You have instant access to all of your new classes as soon as you have rented the Package.

You can start your package any day and any time that suits you best!

The classes are arranged in weeks to help keep you motivated to practice regularly but we’ve made all of the classes On Demand so you are completely free to work through the package as slowly or as quickly as you wish, wherever and whenever you like 😊


The Packages offer you classes and payments in bite sized chunks so you can always find what fits your energy, time and pocket best!

Simply buy whatever Package suits in a matter of minutes in our secure and user friendly Shop. Then, enjoy all of your classes without having to remember to plan for any further payments.

Also, coming soon – watch this space for big discounts on renting collections of our most popular Online Packages!🌻

Savour your Favourites

There’s no need to catch classes in case they disappear each week as all of your classes will patiently wait for you in your personal Library for whenever you want them.

We don’t take any classes away once you’ve used them. You can go back to repeat earlier classes as many times as you like!

Take Your Time

You can savour your Packages for as long as you wish to relish and if you wish, repeat your classes.

We’re all wonderfully unique and work in many different ways. Our Packages allow you to savour the journey, finding your flow to follow your classes at your own pace – enjoy!

Free Taster Classes

Receive instant access to exclusive Free Tasters of Mindful Yoga and Movement & Meditation

Free Tasters

Final Treats

Our Face to Face customers receive a 10% discount on all Holiday Packages, so you can enjoy yoga all year round! So, keep your practice warm with your usual Face to Face Yoga in term time and Online Packages during the holidays. After seeing the benefits of both systems, many carry on in term time with both Face to Face Classes and Online Memberships to enjoy the best of both worlds!

Remember, all of our Online Packages are for everyone so you don’t need to attend any of our Face to Face courses or have one of our Online Memberships – you’re still very welcome to rent our unique Packages whenever you want an extra boost to your health and happiness. No experience needed. Enjoy! 😃

Online Packages

Autumn Harvest

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Mother Nature

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Self Care

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Mini Meditations

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