The shortage on nutrition on full shelves – 10 reasons and solutions for your bad eating habits

You are what you eat – this is a well-known saying that seems to be less and less heard in our affluent society. Diseases caused by bad eating habits are increasing rapidly within the world’s population, and the lack of exercise is doing the rest. If this unfavourable lifestyle is combined with negative beliefs regarding nutrition, health problems are inevitable.

But the active promotion of our well-being by means of balanced eating habits is not an insurmountable hurdle, we recognize the ten most frequent reasons for our home-made misery. When we are finally ready to find solutions to these problems, we enrich our lives with varied ease.

Reason 1: You think healthy cooking is time-consuming

One of the most common reasons for choosing fast food and convenience food is that a fresh kitchen takes a lot of time. From now on, you are allowed to remove them from your shopping list: Frozen fruit or vegetables, for example, are a vitamin-rich alternative to untreated products from the field. Even mueslis, which despite their sugar content should not be missing from the breakfast table, can be mixed without any significant additional effort. From unique sauces made from puréed favourite vegetables to pizza toppings to hearty soya apricot dents – a healthy lifestyle needs less time, but a certain amount of creativity.

Reason 2: Renunciation – you combine this with a nutrient-rich menu design

You may be convinced that you have to do without if you commit yourself to a healthy diet. I want to calm you down: Prohibitions are out, the right measure is in. So if you’re standing in front of your favourite chocolate in the supermarket, take it easy. If you consciously enjoy it afterwards, bit by bit and within a few days, you have done everything right.

Reason 3: You think that you are too undisciplined for a healthy diet

No question about it, important changes require a certain amount of effort. Without discipline, nutritional issues cannot be dealt with. In order to avoid relapses into unhealthy eating habits, it is advisable to take strategic action against malnutrition. If, for example, you eat a freshly prepared salad every lunchtime, you, as a creature of habit, would not want to do without this green ritual after a short while.

Reason 4: In your opinion, leaving your nutrition routine involves a considerable amount of effort

Maybe you always drink your coffee to go between the station and the subway shaft, eat a quick currywurst at the snack stall next to your office and get a frozen pizza on your way home as an after-work ritual. Because it’s convenient, tastes good and saves time. And you don’t realize that you can save time and make a delicious pizza just as easily with a little planning – and this in combination with healthy.

If you get up a few minutes earlier, you can relax and drink your caffeine-containing stimulant at the kitchen table at home. If you precook twice a week, you can save the trip to the supermarket. The same applies to the nutritious snack at work that you prepare the night before.

Reason 5: You are convinced that you can only make your everyday life productive with certain unhealthy foods

Industrial sugar for breakfast gives you the necessary energy for the day. If this disappears, you can counteract it with energy drinks. If that’s not enough, you can use saturated fatty acids in the form of dairy products, meat products and baked goods. At the latest in the evening you will notice that you do not feel well. Probably you are too tired to get over to sports or any other productive activity. Obviously, this is malnutrition. In order to bring a revitalizing boost to your everyday life, you should reconsider your eating habits. It is perfectly okay to start with small steps and replace your established food with healthy counterparts over time.

Reason 6: You are convinced that you cannot afford full enjoyment

A widespread misconception is that the fight against malnutrition is associated with a high financial commitment. If you also believe that healthy food is too expensive for you, convince yourself that the opposite is the case when you make your next purchase. If you are open for this change, you will notice that this belief is based only on myths.

Reason 7: You are afraid of the judgment of others

What do my friends, my partner or my working environment say when I consciously eat from now on? Do I consider myself picky, abnormal or even better? Perhaps my loved ones will turn away if I no longer regularly take them to the fast-food store around the corner?

If these or similar thoughts separate you from a sustainable way of life, you need to rethink. Make yourself aware that only you are responsible for your life. Be an inspiring example. However, if you also accept the decision of your environment, it will be unimpressed by your health-affirming attitude.

Reason 8: You have prejudices against a sustainable way of life

Just as you are afraid of the judgement of outsiders, it is possible that you yourself have prejudices against a positive way of life. The reasons mentioned in this article are your first point of reference for critically questioning your attitude: Are you really ready to change for the benefit of your well-being?

Reason 9: Change is not your thing, though

You regularly take it upon yourself to exercise for the sake of your health and to adapt your cooking habits to the Healthy Lifestyle. Unfortunately, you don’t seem to have a good knack for change, because after a week at the latest, all the signs are back to normal. Consequently, you believe that you are not a type for positive change. Don’t worry: you’re not alone in this. It is important that you get used to your health consciousness in small doses. Do not forbid yourself food, enjoy in moderation. Don’t be too strict with yourself when you beat your severity at the next brunch. The motto is to stay loving – essential improvements don’t happen overnight.

Reason 10: Secretly you think that you can do without a healthy diet

At the moment you are doing well, you take the stairs to your apartment with ease and don’t panic about the approaching bikini season. So far, so good. However, it would be fatal to believe that your unhealthy lifestyle will leave no traces even after 15 or 25 years.

If you see your healthy nutrition not as a compulsory exercise, but as a gift, which you make yourself daily, a rethinking is easier. Here is completely in order, if you begin modestly: Replace the chocolate bar in the lunch break with a handful of student food or nibble instead of chips the equally tasty variant of vegetables.

Let me taste your new everyday life and let me know how you can inspire yourself to more health in the cooking pot!