Online Monthly Membership – Movement & Meditation

£39.00 £29.00 / month with 1 month free trial

  • Enjoy a Movement video and a Meditation audio recording to savour flowing Chi Gong movements and self-Shiatsu with peaceful guided meditations and breathing techniques – over 60 minutes of bliss per week! 😌
  • Only during August! FREE Trial Month for all new Memberships! Book now to PAY NOTHING for FOUR WEEKS! 🥳
  • Exclusive access to our Members only Library of On Demand Classes to enjoy whenever and wherever suits you; in any order and as often as you wish!
  • Rent On Demand Holiday and Themed Packages and have extended access for as long as your membership is active 🏖




🙏🏼 Please note, this is a single Monthly Membership of Meditation & Movement with On Demand Classes to enjoy whenever you like!

😍 To save even more money, you may subscribe to our double Monthly Membership of Mindful Yoga PLUS Movement & Meditation for only £39/month!


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