November 1st-7th

A 7 day Online Program to support your wellbeing

Many of us experience hormonal imbalance at some time in our lives. This can lead to all sorts of uncomfortable symptoms and feelings. This beautiful course is for anyone wanting help with emotions, mood swings, brain fog, rapid or persistent weight gain, irregular periods, hot flashes, intense PMS, painful periods, low libido, difficulty conceiving and more. Basically anything to do with hormonal upheaval. We here to offer hope and support.

This Program teaches you how to take care of yourself and your hormones naturally with six simple tools:

  • Essential Oils

  • Breathwork
  • Body movement and self-Shiatsu/Acupressure

  • Reducing toxic overload
  • Nourishing food
  • Honouring the cyclical nature of life

You’ll Receive

  • This unique Program via email or online via Facebook or Kajabi
  • Four Essential Oils of the purest quality – Lavender, Geranium, Cypress and a special blend, Clary Calm

  • Entry into our private forum

  • Seven days of support including recorded lessons and guest speakers

  • Practices including Aromapoints with key Shiatsu/Acupressure points, guided breathwork, yoga & Chi Gung
  • Two Live Q & A Session with Amelia Adrian, Yoga teacher and Certified Aromatherapist and leading Shiatsu Practitioner, Kate Burford on Thursday 4th at 10am and Sunday 7th at 7.30pm

The Transformation

By the end of the Program you will:

  • Have more tools to balance your hormones and have been helped to feel healthier, calmer, more positive and able to cope

  • Feel seen and supported in your unique process

  • Have been a part of a unique and worthwhile program focussing on your wellbeing

  • Be able to stay in contact if you wish to join our Essential Care Community to enjoy lots of exclusive resources, mentorship and support on all aspects of self care

Book Now


– £20 for anyone not already in our blossoming community – all very welcome; this covers the Program and the 4 sample Oil bottles

– £5 for Essential Care customers (and any that join us in October) needing the 4 Essential Oil samples

– Free to existing customers who already have the Oils for the Program

Please book in our Shop

Lessons are intentionally bite-sized. Only about 10-15 mins time investment per day.

We’ve pre-recorded all the lessons for you to watch at your own pace, whenever and wherever you wish
The Hormone Program runs from November 1st-7th. Book ASAP, especially if you are wanting the Oil bottles to be posted to you in good time.

Yes, this Program is open for everyone. Please do invite others who may be able to benefit. These Programs are always very popular and well received.