Online Package – Mini Meditations


This 3 week package has been carefully designed so you can to enjoy 15-20 minute audio meditations on demand. Perfect if you’re new to meditating but also if you’re an experienced meditator who wants to enjoy shorter and more frequent practices.

There are 2 Mini Meditations each week. You could simply use these recordings once a week each or if you want to practice most days, you can repeat a meditation 3 or 4 times before moving on – whatever fits you best.

As always, you receive access to all of the classes as soon as you rent the package so you can work at your own pace, listening to the recordings whenever and wherever you wish.



Extra Bonus! To help you find your own flow and not feel time pressured, you can take your time to work through this Online package and also repeat the meditations as often as you like for up to 6 months! 😌


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