Online Package – Self Care


This unique 5 week long package will help you boost your self care with a creative mix of Mindful Yoga, flowing Chi Gong movements, relaxation and meditation techniques with self-Shiatsu and Nutrition tips! 😋

Practice making time for yourself and enjoy learning new ways of truly looking after yourself and your well being. ❤️

There’s roughly 60 minutes of on demand classes each week to help you improve your health and happiness.

As always, you receive access to all of the classes as soon as you rent the package so you can work at your own pace, listening to the recordings whenever and wherever you wish.



Extra Bonus! To help you find your own flow and not feel time pressured, we’re giving you 6 months to work gradually through this 5 week package – you can also repeat the classes as often as you like! 😌


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